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The brand

EST. 2018

Hala & Tatiana is a fresh and vibrant fashion accessories brand, developed in 2018 by entrepreneur Hala AlSharekh and interior architect Tatiana Shelala. Leaving their personal imprints on the collection, Hala and Tatiana share a desire to create culturally evocative, iconic and stylish accessories. The conception of this project has meant that, together, they could explore and adapt what that means for them as designers and modern women.


About us

We create unique handcrafted plexiglass box clutches

The brand creates remarkable Plexiglass clutches that are embroidered, painted and crafted entirely by hand. Each clutch is a testament to artisanal skill and ornamentation; and splices elements of mysticism and patterning with contemporary aesthetics and simplicity. This collection showcases the finest Swarovski crystals and silks; and presents a visceral and tactile experience for every woman, style and occasion. Each piece is to be donned and loved for its individuality.